Pillagers from Haven

Reassignment / A Rude Awakening

An Empire in the Pocket is Worth Two in the Bush

Our three heroes find themselves reassigned in the case of Oberon and Deckard, while Sir Nives, out in the field training his men, is surprised to see a VTOL land at the range and a Captain of Naval Intelligence serve him his reinstatement papers.

Their possessions, weapons and armor packed and shipped to an unknown location, they find themselves transported to a nondescript office building. Escorted inside, they are soon joined by a group of likely civilians along with a couple of obvious military men. After cooling their heels for a while, a blonde woman in sharp corp wear arrived to deliver a briefing.

They would travel to the Reclamation Bureau on Nadir to explore a large space vessel that is on the surface. They would bring back acres of artifacts and tons of technology, they would make the Colonization and Exploration Service look good.

Upon arrival to the ship that would transport them to Nadir (the “Governor Feller”), the civilians introduced themselves. All excellent scientists, in good shape; none of them the top in their field, but multi-specialized and in very good physical shape. With the possible exception of the autistic guy.

While the ship started to “Fold” toward Nadir, Rick Deckard did some digging using a borrowed Steward’s uniform and his multi-use pen. He confirmed that three of the civilians and both members of their security team were also “chipped” with cortical stacks—unusual and expensive. Rick also took the opportunity to record their retina patterns, a highly risky and illegal move in a world that uses retina and hand scans to record financial transactions.

Ombad the chemist and Desmond the biologist chose not to use meds for the trip, and so could not be examined.



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