Pillagers from Haven

Commander's Report

‘taping sound’
“Is this damn thing on, fucking frustration device. I am not writing this log or typing or any other shit if this dictation device fails I will tell you if I get back.”

For the last few year I have had the pleasure of working with competent people, well at least there was a few years of ease now I am back in the bassackward military. So you put me in a situation where I am to protect people who will not listen to me. I think if I shoot one or two in the knee I will either not allowing them to get ahead of me or better will put the fear of being shot again into these moronic people. Besides the headaches. here is what is going on. We got to the ship, not wreckage but ship of unknown design.

After searching the outside of it we find what looks to be a door, with some marking underneath the base of the door. Though there is a seem there is no clear way to open it. I decided to climb on top away from the rest of your moronic party and try to determine the possibility of weapon penetration. Ballistic as well as incendiary had no effect, Laser on the other hand was absorbed into the haul, created a hum & vibration to it knocking off a large section of the dust. One of your morons placed his bare hand to the door and it dissolved, the door that is not his hand.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

Ha please turn off and I will never try to do a report again, you can debrief me if I live. Speaking of which if we succeed on doing this which one is the guy to stab us in the backs aye there is always at least one. I say it the spook.

Back to the report the door opened and instead of us figuring out why or if it will close by itself, the spook walked in.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

Then the ground pounder. As soon as they entered they audio of there radios had decreased as if the entering of the ship blocked their signal. The “brain” where whining about going in. I swear they are going to get us killed by wanting to explore without the proper time for discovery, its not like you gave us a time table. First room had some sort of biological storage. I ordered a on sight build set up with a hermetically sealed hallway to the ships entrance. If we are going to remove any of this material off the ship it is going to be under haz mat conditions. After 10 minutes of searching and not advance in what we know of the first room, the “brains” and Spook wanted to push on to the point the Bitch Brains just opened a door in haste. Inside was a seemly dead creature of unknown origin or CUO. At that point I lost it.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

I left the room so if they all died do to their stupidity I would in the least live. The spook and Ground pounder later reported to me that a device allowed the spook to levitate or lift off the ground with ease. Allowing him to move the storage containers on biological materials with ease, though the use of it causes a slight head ache. Also the ground pounder found a device that helped him access the storage area computer with a little more ease. Hey I am all for discovery but things have there place and their pace. You move to quickly and you either get killed or you miss something important.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

A minimum of two people is required at all times when examining the storage room. the CUO will be contained in a bio hazard container and stored on the Ship for future discovery. I requested additional personal for further security, and also informed the expedition to not inform anyone else of how to enter the ship. the less people knowing the less people snooping around the less likely chance I will have to Shoo. . . .

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

‘Shutting down’



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