Pillagers from Haven

Captain Rick Deckard's Personal Log

This report is now de-classified and can be read in full

Day minus 1:
My bad luck continues as I am assigned to head out to deep space and search the ruins of some ancient hulk. I am stuck with some second rate scientists who along with me are considered expendable. My fellow officers are somewhat interesting. Our fearless leader is some blue blood arms dealer who looks like he can handle himself but it begs the question… why was he pulled from retirement to lead this lost cause of a mission and is he considered expendable? Only time will tell with this mystery. The second, and I gladly give him the honor, is some quiet Captain, who seems so uptight and cautious that he could squeeze toothpaste with his ass cheeks. He is supposedly some world class scout but obviously he too should be considered expendable like the rest of us. This long boring journey should give me ample time to look for clues and information on the Imperium. It is work out time…

Day 1: Well my gear has been shipped and stowed on board the “Governor Feller” We have been briefed briefly by some mysterious blond who seemed almost as bored as I am. Once aboard I befriended a steward and threw about vague promises of grandeur and was able to obtain a stewards uniform and check most of our staff to see if they were all fitted with a Cortical Stack. Not surprisingly everyone I checked had one including the two goons. There are two who chose not to be sedated but I will get them eventually. I was able to obtain retina scans with my handy dandy all purpose pen. This trip is starting out to be amusing. Time for some P.T.

Day 2: I caught up on my sleep and had dinner with the Captain and the the rest of our crew. I sat next to one of the two scientist that I had not yet attained an optic scan from and as soon as we landed helped him out of his restraint and used the opportunity to give him a fake medical exam for space sickness. Sometimes it is too easy. Only one left and it should not prove to be that difficult as it is the retard. I wont underestimate him however. I also used the moment to obtain the access codes to the transport ship. You never know when that info might come in handy. We met with the officer in charge of the landing/welcoming committee. My first thought is who did he shoot to get this assignment. He seems capable enough though. The first look at the ship has piqued my interest and I am beginning to reconsider that this is a useless mission.

My excitement grew as we came upon the “wreck” and I use that term lightly as it does not seem to be that damaged. I am beginning to think that this ship might fly. After some time spent examining the hull for openings or other interesting things, Ombad found some kind of writing or hieroglyphs on the underside of what appeared to be a door. Our glorious leader decided to climb up top and start shooting at the hull with various weapons of mass destruction. The only interesting thing that happened however was some of the energy seemed to charge the ship as it lost much of its covering of dirt. * a side note the dirt covering the ship seems to have been sterilized over time* and the outline of a hatch was clearly seen. I noted that Ombad has had some sort of braille training as he was able to feel the symbols. Shockingly it was mister cautious who opened the door however he declined to step in and I took the initiative to do so. I stepped into a small hallway which led into a somewhat large storage room. The ceiling was very high and it was literally stacked floor to ceiling with crates and storage tanks. The air which at first was stale and old got better as time went by. I figured out how to move and open one of the crates and knew from this moment this was going to be a great trip. The crate turned out to be a large collection of plant and life forms. After conferring with my comrades and securing the room we let the others in. This is where Dr. Anderson started flexing her muscles and she started butting heads with our fearless leader. All nobles can kiss my ass. While trying to figure out a console which I believed was used to operate and basically be a record of inventory of the room, our esteemed Dr. Anderson, against the wishes of our fearless leader, opened the south door and screamed, which gave our fearless leader the compulsion to push her in and shut the hatch. He then left in a huff. I opened the door and saw what made her scream although the moment passed quickly as she was leaning over what appeared to be the remains of E.T. Yes you heard me an actual honest to god alien life form. This one was mostly intact except for the large hole in its chest area.

After I casually dragged the large remains out into the storage area I proceeded to go outside and make contact with the Captain of the Feller. I shared with him on a secure comm of course, everything we had up until this point. I made it abundantly clear that if anything should threaten them they were to head for home and bring everything back here with all haste. This is the find of the century and all its important findings must be recorded and saved for countless generations to study and learn from. I went inside and started to examine the belt and toys that were found on the body. The small black box that had one depression in the middle of it I safely put back in its pouch. The most interesting item however was a disk that after some experimentation by me was found to be able to float or levitate me wherever I saw fit. That was of course how they were able to move and look at Inventory. The slow witted cautious scout also found something of interest which seemed to be some sort of crystal. It seemed to affect him after a certain time of usage. It was tried on all the others but the two meat-heads and Dr. Anderson. She refused both times and actually shied away from it. I did not try it but as I was wearing the strange disc it seemed to weaken me when we came into contact with each other. Twice this scout warned about a feeling or sense of danger so I begin to wonder if he might have some kind of mental prowess. Despite his stoic demeanor and his deliberate decision making,he might prove to be valuable after all. Plans were made and dinner was served inside the domes we ordered set up outside. I and blades(I much prefer that name to his given one) stood watch inside the storage chamber and after putting our heads together we secured both known doorways with stacks of inventory. Blades stood and stared at the console and I started to come up with a program to start deciphering the new language. I am getting flabby I need to work out…



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