Mega Corporations of Haven

Farm Holdings Interstel – One of the Big Three farming companies, Farm Holdings was a large interstellar farming concern prior to the Interregnum. Their headquarters has always been on Haven.

Growth Product Farms – a top producing company and chief benefactor of state sponsored genetic engineering. Much of the state university research is carried out on farms owned by GPF and the company gets the first opportunity to sell new varieties of seed. GPF is also the largest grower of medicinal plants for the drug industry.

Grain Growers Collective – The largest policy and trade board for Haven. Seats on the commission of The Collective are some of the most sought-after seats outside of government.

Ironbound Mining and Minting – Ironbound has been operating in the Haven systems for over six hundred years. Mining mostly iron, copper, nickel and tin in the early days, the company has continued to mine the sparse belt, which was formerly known as the Ironbound Belt, but was renamed Haven’s Hope a century ago.

AgriBuild – Exclusively a farming machinery producer, the Deer company has a five century heritage on Haven. Converted from a sales and repair depot that was maintained on Haven by a large, interstellar farm implement company, Deer has gone on to become primary provider of new machinery to the important farming industry.

Rayeth Robotics – The only robotics producer on Haven, Rayeth produces mechanized workhorses exclusively. Farming and production robots of their own design are interspersed with mining and cargo-handling designs that they have been reverse-engineered from those found on Black Rock. The growth of Rayeth from nothing to the status of fourth largest private organization in the span of thirty years is a great tribute to the ingenuity and industriousness of her workers.

Haven Industrial Development – The Sandwich Plains Produce Company was the first to benefit on a large scale from industrialization of Haven. A division of the company had been involved in building farm machinery on Haven before the Empire stumbled, because of their very specialized needs for exotic vegetable processing. Because they were the only company on the planet that had experience in building large assembly plants, they were given many government and private contracts. Today they are the largest construction company in the Haven collective of worlds.

Schenddler Power Products – Maker of industrial motors, jet engines and anti-grav units. Their famously over-engineered products tend to last seemingly forever. Schenddler is the pioneer of the concept called ‘life-long engineering’ under which a maintenance person (or crew) is mated with a piece of equipment from the time it is ordered, through production and into the field. They have jokingly been accused of selling mechanics and throwing in a motor to sweeten the deal.

Talmadg Shipyards – Criticized for being too closely controlled by the Navy, Talmadg is what has become of the old repair depot. The original company by the same name, that ran the depot, fired it’s workers and closed the yards when traffic decreased in system. Feller took over the yards when he suspended the Imperial trade pact in 2.1833. The current company is 51% privately owned with the government maintaining the rest. The yard can build star ships up to Jump-2, but so far has only made one hull design, the Governor Feller class cruiser of which there are three in service and three being built. All of the other ships they have “built” have been existing hulls that they have refitted and returned to service. Several corporations have made requests for new ships, but have been put off while Navy ships are being built. A new starship yard is being built on Black Rock by a collection of companies who need their own starship designs produced.

Mega Corporations of Haven

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