Data Gathered

The Governor Feller starship:

Cruiser: 800 ton, 3 G, Jump 3. Flight crew of five (CO, pilot, navigator, chief engineer, medic) plus eight gunners, 2 pinnace pilots, 2 stewards, 2 marines and 4 engineers. Deck C has been modified to accommodate VIPs in stateroom suites. There is room for ten additional crew or troops, depending on the mission.

Each of the eight hardpoints has a triple turret with five being laser, two being missile launchers and the last a sandcaster.

The hull is unstreamlined and has 288 tons of fuel tankage, 48 of which is spare tankage for the pinnaces. The ship is set up for diplomatic scouting missions but is crewed by Space Navy personnel. The ship has an Air/Raft and two Pinnaces.

Provide transport for investigation of unknown ship at crash site.

Data Gathered

Pillagers from Haven Winter