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History and Current Situation

The planet of Haven has proved to be a haven for her people. They still remember the Old Days of the Empire, the battles that raged over the dwindling resources, and the day that the Last Ship came to Haven from the Trade Lanes. Not that any one person could recall the events of over one hundred years in their past. But the people of Haven are good at remembering. And at recording, archiving and reliving the past. When Governor Feller declared martial law one hundred and twenty years ago, he set in motion a process designed to preserve as much of Haven’s culture, power and economy as possible. People complained about the harsh treatment at first, but when the Last Ship came bearing the news of the complete fall of the Empire, news of piracy choking off the Trade Lanes, resistance died.

For one hundred years, just as Feller had predicted, rationing of technology and resources proved enough to buy the time required to learn how to not only repair aging equipment, but also how to build new equipment for communications, industry and exploration of their star system. Due to Haven’s lack of metal deposits, it was necessary to set up mining operations in the inner asteroid belt, known as Haven’s Hope. Progress has been slow and costly. A succession of four Fellers have carried on the same vision, making just enough progress to warrant the loyalty of the people.

Twenty years ago Far Fields, an agri-planet two parsecs away, was colonized after two starships were repaired from those preserved. Eight years later Black Rock, two parsecs from Haven, was reached by a ship built with mostly new components. Black Rock had been the source for most of the metals used at the shipyards on Nadir, the subsector capital in the Old Days.

At Black Rock, after defeating its automated planetary defenses, there was found a treasure of mined ores and mining equipment that had been abandoned after pirate attacks had made shipping too dangerous.

Finally, just last year, a new ship was able to make the three parsec jump to Nadir. The expectation was that civilization would be regressed on Nadir, so the Governor Feller was well armed and carried gifts for the people of that world. The captain and crew were unprepared for what they found. The details have been withheld and the world has been placed off-limits for all but Naval traffic. A research outpost has been established there and a new government office has been created to oversee all activities on Nadir. The Reclamation Bureau has been recruiting exiting members from several branches of the services for duty in that system.

Current Situation
As of 2.1951.7.4, Haven is a rich agricultural world that was forced to industrialize to survive during the fall of the Second Empire into Interregnum. The impersonal bureaucracy was taken over by the Governor, a mostly honorary position to that point, and martial law was imposed. Arndt Feller devised a plan to ration everything, and to dictate the entire economic structure of the world, all with an eye toward preserving order and technology for a full century, the minimum amount of time he felt that it would take to make the switch from an agricultural economy. Today the businesses all do the bidding of the government. The entire economic output is carefully dictated by the current Feller, Arndt-Vim Feller.

The term “Haven” now describes both the world and the trio of planets: Haven, Far Fields and Black Rock. The colonies are very closely tied to Haven, still, and their governments are totally administered from Haven. Nadir, the newly contacted world that was formerly the subsector capitol, is not considered to be part of Haven at this time.

Recently, contact with a foreign power has been made. The Colonization and Exploration Service (Scouts) has reported contact with a hulk refueling at a gas giant planet at The Rosettes, a ternary star system two parsecs beyond Black Rock system. The ship’s crew reported that they are one of two ships plying a trade route between two independent worlds, each two parsecs beyond The Rosettes. Messages were carried by the trader to both worlds offering diplomatic ties. Exploratory missions are planned to both trade worlds in the near future.

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