Pillagers from Haven

Reassignment / A Rude Awakening
An Empire in the Pocket is Worth Two in the Bush

Our three heroes find themselves reassigned in the case of Oberon and Deckard, while Sir Nives, out in the field training his men, is surprised to see a VTOL land at the range and a Captain of Naval Intelligence serve him his reinstatement papers.

Their possessions, weapons and armor packed and shipped to an unknown location, they find themselves transported to a nondescript office building. Escorted inside, they are soon joined by a group of likely civilians along with a couple of obvious military men. After cooling their heels for a while, a blonde woman in sharp corp wear arrived to deliver a briefing.

They would travel to the Reclamation Bureau on Nadir to explore a large space vessel that is on the surface. They would bring back acres of artifacts and tons of technology, they would make the Colonization and Exploration Service look good.

Upon arrival to the ship that would transport them to Nadir (the “Governor Feller”), the civilians introduced themselves. All excellent scientists, in good shape; none of them the top in their field, but multi-specialized and in very good physical shape. With the possible exception of the autistic guy.

While the ship started to “Fold” toward Nadir, Rick Deckard did some digging using a borrowed Steward’s uniform and his multi-use pen. He confirmed that three of the civilians and both members of their security team were also “chipped” with cortical stacks—unusual and expensive. Rick also took the opportunity to record their retina patterns, a highly risky and illegal move in a world that uses retina and hand scans to record financial transactions.

Ombad the chemist and Desmond the biologist chose not to use meds for the trip, and so could not be examined.

Capt. Zhodani's personal log

Having learned the nature of our current mission and met the rest of the team, I stowed my gear and settled in for the voyage. The transit to our objective is scheduled to be two jumps taking a weeks time barring any complications. I immediately began to familiarize myself with the transport ship since “complications” are the sort of things that get you killed if you are unprepared.

personal notes – Sir Nives or Knives as he likes to be called doesn’t seem to be the typical noble officer whose rank was bought with family money and political connections. He actually seems competent if a bit of snob always flaunting his family connection.

Rick Deckard “the spook” – This guy is a “complication” waiting to happen. Not your typical military intelligence operative or any operative I’ve ever seen for that matter. The guy comes off like he knows everything and is keeping secret files on everyone but handles weapons like he’s only seen them on a holosceen. He claims the rank of captain but doesn’t wear an academy ring or have a noble family. He’s a fairly big guy but …I don’t know. He seems too eager, like a virgin teen having his first sexual encounter. I’m not sure of where he fits on the mission. Maybe I’ll put him in front of me to open doors, hold a light and be my meat shield. Hmmm…I definitely like the idea of keeping him where I can see him.

Personal log update – Having remained awake for the first jump of our transit, I noted Cmdr Nives and “Capt” Deckard also opted to remain awake through the ordeal. A transit jump from one star system to another is extremely traumatic to a persons nervous system and the resulting “jump sickness” is potentially debilitating, so most people opt to be put to sleep for the jump. The fact that Cmdr Nives opted to remain awake doesn’t surprise me as he probably has a great deal of experience with jump transit. Capt Deckard remaining awake seems more like he never experienced a jump transit before and was a newbie rite of passage, or maybe a frat pledge on a panty raid since I swear I saw him coming out Dr. Anderson cabin with what looked like panties held to his nose.

Personal log update – After three days of preparations the ship is ready to make the second jump to our destination world of Nadir. This time I’m opting for sleeping through the jump in order to be fit for action upon arrival. If I find any of my skivvies missing I swear I’m going to “space” Capt Deckard.

Personal log update – We’ve arrived at Nadir system and are heading for the planet now. A quick inventory shows all my skivvies arrived with me. Checking my gear and familiarizing myself with the pinnace that will take us planet side. The ship’s captain invited us to the bridge and for dinner at his table. I hope he doesn’t mind that I didn’t bring a dress uniform.
The ship’s captain informed us of an unknown ship at the planet that quickly departed before it could be identified but was possibly an old imperial ship. We are proceeding with caution alert for a possible ambush.

Personal note – Cmdr Nives and Capt Deckard both opted to remain awake for the second jump and are currently unfit for combat. Both are resting and recuperate for the trip planet side.

Personal log update – We’ve made landfall and entered the reclamation bureau compound. Received a briefing and proceeded to the crash site. So far, so good…it can’t last.

Personal log update – we’ve arrived at the “crash” site along with several members of the reclamation bureau that are support personnel. First observation, this thing is big, unstreamlined, and assymetrical…and intact. This thing has a very alien appearance to it, it doesn’t look right or feel right. The support personnel point out the location of what they think is a door. I immediately sense this is a portal unlike any I’ve seen before. Letting the science team do their thing, we come up with the fact the soil around the ship is completely sterile. Further investigation determines the ship has been here for at least 25 years. The team splits up with Cmdr Nives climbing to the top of the ship while Capt Deckard takes a security team member and a scientific team member to circle the ship’s perimeter looking for anything the reclamation bureau might have missed. Capt Deckard finds nothing upon completeing his check of the ship, but I notice the Commander take out his laser pistol and aim it at the hull of the ship. I stop him from firing until the rest of the team can get clear in case he triggers some sort of automatic defense system. Once everyone was clear, he fired at the hull causing it to generate some sort of energy field which caused the accumulated dust and debris to be repelled from the hull.

The commander then fired his ACR at the hull but it merely bounced off. He repeated the test using his Gauss rifle for the same result. The result of the laser pistol test caused strange markings to become visible under the portal which previously only our Braille trained Dr. Ombad could feel. Having determined that no automated defense system was activated, I walked up to the portal and did what I felt was the “proper” way to open the portal. I placed my bare hand in the middle of the portal and pressed in while thinking I wanted it to open. The portal opened leaving some kind of energy field across the entry way. Tests of the energy field showed that it hindered but did not stop objects from entering the ship. The commander climbed down and rejoined the rest of the team ordering everyone to wait 5 minutes to see if something shows up. Capt Deckard waited all of 10 seconds then proceeded through the opening. Since I’m the recon scout, I then entered as well. I figured if Capt Deckard was going to act as my meat shield, I would use him as such. We proceeded down a short hallway and discovered a good size room with a ceiling soaring away above us a good hundred feet. The commander joined us while ordering everyone else to wait until we cleared the room. The room was full of what appeared to be crates and storage tanks. My meat shield tinkered with one of the boxes whilst I remained vigilant for any threats that may be triggered by his fumblings. Amazingly he didn’t trigger anything and even managed to open one of the crates. The crate appeared to be filled with unknown plant and animal samples… or perhaps seeds for terra forming

The room has two iris valve doors, one to the left and one the right from the entry hall. I had heard of iris valve doors on old imperial ships but had never seen one. There is also some kind of computer terminal to the left from the entry hall. Having found the room to be free of immediate threats, the science team was allowed in to proceed with their work. Some of the support personnel returned to base to retrieve biodomes for the science team to work in and store items. Things were proceeding smoothly until team leader Dr. Anderson, wanted to open the iris valves and explore. Letting the science team wander an unsecured ship is a very bad idea and the commander told her so in no uncertain terms. Capt Deckard didn’t help matters by egging her on and wanting to charge through this ship like it was his own personal playground. Capt Deckard, I can’t help but think this guy would be more at home in a suit of chainmail and wielding a battle axe, he has that sort of mentality and attitude. The argument between the commander and Dr. Anderson got heated and before anyone could stop her she opened the iris valve to the left. There, laying on the floor was an alien body with its chest cavity blown apart. Dr. Anderson screamed and the commander pushed her through the iris valve and closed it behind her. Hehe…I’m beginning to really like this commander. Capt Deckard used the opportunity to brown nose, he couldn’t get this iris valve opened fast enough to get to Dr. Anderson. The alien was wearing some kind of headband with a crystal in it and a belt with a pouch and a disc shaped device. Capt Deckard pulled the alien body through the iris valve and closed it. He removed the belt and found some sort of black box with a button on it. By unanimous agree it was decided to lock the device away with a signal jammer beside it. The disc shaped device allowed Capt Deckard to levitate within the ship but caused him to have a headache. While the captain was playing with this device, I took the headband and touched the crystal with my bare hand. Instantly I could tell this was something from old legends and stories pasted down through my family called a psi-crystal. A device usable only by someone with the mental capacity to do so. I placed the crystal to my head and started getting a headache and receiving dreamlike impressions. I looked at the computer terminal and understood it was an inventory of items that could be accessed by manipulating a holographic display or touching buttons on the terminal. Working with the science team on the terminal we started to unravel its use. Capt Deckard, charging ahead blindly whilst waving his battle axe, sorry but it’s how it appeared to me, opened the iris valve to the right exposing a corridor that hooked left and ended at another iris valve. Since the commander had gone outside to consult with the support personnel, Capt Deckard was using the opportunity to continue exploring the ship which Dr. Anderson readily condoned. Now I knew there was danger through the left hand iris valve, because of my highly trained survival instinct that others think of as being overly careful, but I didn’t get that feeling from the right. I decided to appease Capt Deckard and go along with opening the right side iris valve, as long as he did the open being a good meat shield. This valve opened into some sort of cryostasis chamber with four units. Two other valves, one to the left and one directly across from the one we entered through, lead out of this chamber. I sensed great danger to the left and I refused to go any further. It had already been a long day and we had enough to keep the science team busy for weeks, so we called it a day.

Personal log update – Amazingly the science team listened to reason and is busy doing its job on all the samples found in the entry storage area instead of running around like four year olds on a playground. We’ve spent two days so far working in the secured area of the ship and we may be ready to look further.
OK, the Cmdr just opened the iris valve to the left and seems determined to head into the room I just know is full of dangerous aliens. Yep, the Cmdr opened the iris valve at the end of a short hallway into a room covered in slime and mold. Along the wall directly opposite the iris valve is what appears to be large eggs or seeds. The Cmdr uses a halon fire extinguisher on the slime and mold to no great effect except to displace the oxygen from the room. One of the larger eggs suddenly shuddered and this toothy slug-like creature emerged. Just as quickly, a robotic probe of some sort emerged from the ceiling and fired a beam into the slug, completely frying it. The Cmdr and Capt Deckard move further into the room causing another egg to hatch. The probe again fries it. The probe clearly scans us trying to determine whether to fry us or not…and decided not. Until Capt Deckard decides to levitate to the ceiling and strike it with, I kid you not, a genuine long sword. ( I seriously want to get this guy a battle axe. ) The probe reacts quickly and quite hostile to Capt Deckard’s action by firing its beam at him. Luckily it doesn’t hit him and he levitates back down and slashes an egg open but destroying his sword in the aliens acidic splatter. While he’s doing that, another egg hatches and the slug zips across the room. I open fire on it with my ACR splattering it, which was good because I didn’t think to bring a salt shaker, but acid splattered onto the probe and Capt Deckard to no serious effect. Meanwhile, the probe still wants Capt Deckard and fires at him again striking him and burning a hole in his scout armor. The Cmdr and I start shooting unhatched eggs with acid spraying everywhere in the room (luckily I remained in the hallway ready to shut the door) with the probe taking the brunt of it damaging it. Capt Deckard, in a classic meat shield move, grabs the acid covered probe with both hands and shoves the probe, laser “probe” first into an alien egg.(I’ve heard tales of people being" probed" by aliens. I wonder if Capt Deckard was one of those and he was returning the favor?) The egg burst spewing goo on Capt Deckard and his mightily thrust probe disabling the probe. The Cmdr and I finished destroying the eggs while Capt Deckard did some fancy footwork to avoid most of the acid splatter. With the hostiles in the room eliminated, Capt Deckard grabs handfuls of mold and stuffs it in the ruptures on his scout armor potential infecting himself with alien diseases or parasites. We’ll need to get him decontaminated and keep him under constant observation until we can be sure it’s safe.

Personal log update – We decontaminated, made repairs and resupplied after the skirmish. The science team was cleared to enter the “egg room” under the watch of a red shirt. The Cmdr ordered them to exit the ship every half hour so their trivids would update.
The next morning we decide to continue exploring from the cryotube room through the valve directly opposite the valve we entered the chamber through. The valve opened into a long hallway ending at another valve with another passageway to the left midway down the hall. We decide to go left since there was no valve to block anything from coming around behind us. The short and narrow passageway opened into a wide hallway with another narrow passageway to the left. The wide hallway turned to the left and was filled with the corpses of aliens we’re calling" greys". At this point, communication to the rest of the team was lost due to some sort of interference inside the ship. We decide to form a relay chain with the chemist Ombad staying in the cryotube room, Cmdr Nives taking position at the junction of the narrow passageway and the wide hallway and me at the corner where the main hallway turned. Capt Deckard continue down the main hallway using the levitation device to avoid disturbing the corpses. The hallway went a good 25 meters then turned left again ending at another valve. There are two valves to the right midway down the main hallway between the two corners. The meat shield… I mean Capt Deckard foolishly decides to open the valve at the end of the hallway, where no one can see him or give him any support. Luckily, the valve opened into another cryotube room with three of the four tubes smashed open and another valve opposite the one he opened. We strongly urged the Capt to return to us and it seemed he was going to be sensible but as he reached the far valve to the right he decides to open it. For a larger person, Capt Deckard has a very high pitched girlish scream as he demonstrated for us upon opening the valve. He muttered a quick prayer to some deity as I sensed a great and evil disturbance in the force. Capt Deckard fumbled a grenade out of his coat pocket (this guy couldn’t have made it through basic training) and barely managed to get it through the valve before closing it. Capt Deckard bravely ran away from the valve in my direction as I prepared to fire on anything coming through the valve. The valve opened and a creature out of nightmares, or maybe Capt Deckard’s ex wife, came through. I fired a high explosive ram grenade into the creature, stunning it and severely wounding it. Capt Deckard proceeds to levitate right on top of the creature, pulls out a laser rifle and AT POINT BLANK RANGE misses the creature with a burst of laser fire. The Cmdr orders an evacuation through the relay only to find that Ombad has left his post. Ombad flees the ship while the Cmdr moves up to fire his Gauss rifle into the creature finishing it off. Capt Deckard again levitates to the open valve and rolls a grenade through it before closing it. He then flees down the hallway to the Cmdr and I. Once again, the valve opens and small creatures pour out. I fire another ram grenade wiping them out. Another wave follows but this time creatures also come at us from the small passage behind us we had not yet explored. The Cmdr fires on the ones in front stunning two of the three. I fire another ram grenade stunning all three behind us. The non stunned creature charges the Cmdr but he avoids taking any wounds. He fires back spraying all three in front of him killing them. The creature chewing on the Cmdr managed to splatter all of us with acidic goo in its death throes but we all avoid injury. I then fire my last high explosive ram grenade into the three behind us killing them. We catch our breath and reload as we see what’s next…(thanks Capt Deckard for your brilliant scouting abilities and tactics)

Top Secret Report

The entire report is classified and will be de-classified in 75 years……

Captain Rick Deckard's Personal Log
This report is now de-classified and can be read in full

Day minus 1:
My bad luck continues as I am assigned to head out to deep space and search the ruins of some ancient hulk. I am stuck with some second rate scientists who along with me are considered expendable. My fellow officers are somewhat interesting. Our fearless leader is some blue blood arms dealer who looks like he can handle himself but it begs the question… why was he pulled from retirement to lead this lost cause of a mission and is he considered expendable? Only time will tell with this mystery. The second, and I gladly give him the honor, is some quiet Captain, who seems so uptight and cautious that he could squeeze toothpaste with his ass cheeks. He is supposedly some world class scout but obviously he too should be considered expendable like the rest of us. This long boring journey should give me ample time to look for clues and information on the Imperium. It is work out time…

Day 1: Well my gear has been shipped and stowed on board the “Governor Feller” We have been briefed briefly by some mysterious blond who seemed almost as bored as I am. Once aboard I befriended a steward and threw about vague promises of grandeur and was able to obtain a stewards uniform and check most of our staff to see if they were all fitted with a Cortical Stack. Not surprisingly everyone I checked had one including the two goons. There are two who chose not to be sedated but I will get them eventually. I was able to obtain retina scans with my handy dandy all purpose pen. This trip is starting out to be amusing. Time for some P.T.

Day 2: I caught up on my sleep and had dinner with the Captain and the the rest of our crew. I sat next to one of the two scientist that I had not yet attained an optic scan from and as soon as we landed helped him out of his restraint and used the opportunity to give him a fake medical exam for space sickness. Sometimes it is too easy. Only one left and it should not prove to be that difficult as it is the retard. I wont underestimate him however. I also used the moment to obtain the access codes to the transport ship. You never know when that info might come in handy. We met with the officer in charge of the landing/welcoming committee. My first thought is who did he shoot to get this assignment. He seems capable enough though. The first look at the ship has piqued my interest and I am beginning to reconsider that this is a useless mission.

My excitement grew as we came upon the “wreck” and I use that term lightly as it does not seem to be that damaged. I am beginning to think that this ship might fly. After some time spent examining the hull for openings or other interesting things, Ombad found some kind of writing or hieroglyphs on the underside of what appeared to be a door. Our glorious leader decided to climb up top and start shooting at the hull with various weapons of mass destruction. The only interesting thing that happened however was some of the energy seemed to charge the ship as it lost much of its covering of dirt. * a side note the dirt covering the ship seems to have been sterilized over time* and the outline of a hatch was clearly seen. I noted that Ombad has had some sort of braille training as he was able to feel the symbols. Shockingly it was mister cautious who opened the door however he declined to step in and I took the initiative to do so. I stepped into a small hallway which led into a somewhat large storage room. The ceiling was very high and it was literally stacked floor to ceiling with crates and storage tanks. The air which at first was stale and old got better as time went by. I figured out how to move and open one of the crates and knew from this moment this was going to be a great trip. The crate turned out to be a large collection of plant and life forms. After conferring with my comrades and securing the room we let the others in. This is where Dr. Anderson started flexing her muscles and she started butting heads with our fearless leader. All nobles can kiss my ass. While trying to figure out a console which I believed was used to operate and basically be a record of inventory of the room, our esteemed Dr. Anderson, against the wishes of our fearless leader, opened the south door and screamed, which gave our fearless leader the compulsion to push her in and shut the hatch. He then left in a huff. I opened the door and saw what made her scream although the moment passed quickly as she was leaning over what appeared to be the remains of E.T. Yes you heard me an actual honest to god alien life form. This one was mostly intact except for the large hole in its chest area.

After I casually dragged the large remains out into the storage area I proceeded to go outside and make contact with the Captain of the Feller. I shared with him on a secure comm of course, everything we had up until this point. I made it abundantly clear that if anything should threaten them they were to head for home and bring everything back here with all haste. This is the find of the century and all its important findings must be recorded and saved for countless generations to study and learn from. I went inside and started to examine the belt and toys that were found on the body. The small black box that had one depression in the middle of it I safely put back in its pouch. The most interesting item however was a disk that after some experimentation by me was found to be able to float or levitate me wherever I saw fit. That was of course how they were able to move and look at Inventory. The slow witted cautious scout also found something of interest which seemed to be some sort of crystal. It seemed to affect him after a certain time of usage. It was tried on all the others but the two meat-heads and Dr. Anderson. She refused both times and actually shied away from it. I did not try it but as I was wearing the strange disc it seemed to weaken me when we came into contact with each other. Twice this scout warned about a feeling or sense of danger so I begin to wonder if he might have some kind of mental prowess. Despite his stoic demeanor and his deliberate decision making,he might prove to be valuable after all. Plans were made and dinner was served inside the domes we ordered set up outside. I and blades(I much prefer that name to his given one) stood watch inside the storage chamber and after putting our heads together we secured both known doorways with stacks of inventory. Blades stood and stared at the console and I started to come up with a program to start deciphering the new language. I am getting flabby I need to work out…

Commander's Report

‘taping sound’
“Is this damn thing on, fucking frustration device. I am not writing this log or typing or any other shit if this dictation device fails I will tell you if I get back.”

For the last few year I have had the pleasure of working with competent people, well at least there was a few years of ease now I am back in the bassackward military. So you put me in a situation where I am to protect people who will not listen to me. I think if I shoot one or two in the knee I will either not allowing them to get ahead of me or better will put the fear of being shot again into these moronic people. Besides the headaches. here is what is going on. We got to the ship, not wreckage but ship of unknown design.

After searching the outside of it we find what looks to be a door, with some marking underneath the base of the door. Though there is a seem there is no clear way to open it. I decided to climb on top away from the rest of your moronic party and try to determine the possibility of weapon penetration. Ballistic as well as incendiary had no effect, Laser on the other hand was absorbed into the haul, created a hum & vibration to it knocking off a large section of the dust. One of your morons placed his bare hand to the door and it dissolved, the door that is not his hand.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

Ha please turn off and I will never try to do a report again, you can debrief me if I live. Speaking of which if we succeed on doing this which one is the guy to stab us in the backs aye there is always at least one. I say it the spook.

Back to the report the door opened and instead of us figuring out why or if it will close by itself, the spook walked in.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

Then the ground pounder. As soon as they entered they audio of there radios had decreased as if the entering of the ship blocked their signal. The “brain” where whining about going in. I swear they are going to get us killed by wanting to explore without the proper time for discovery, its not like you gave us a time table. First room had some sort of biological storage. I ordered a on sight build set up with a hermetically sealed hallway to the ships entrance. If we are going to remove any of this material off the ship it is going to be under haz mat conditions. After 10 minutes of searching and not advance in what we know of the first room, the “brains” and Spook wanted to push on to the point the Bitch Brains just opened a door in haste. Inside was a seemly dead creature of unknown origin or CUO. At that point I lost it.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

I left the room so if they all died do to their stupidity I would in the least live. The spook and Ground pounder later reported to me that a device allowed the spook to levitate or lift off the ground with ease. Allowing him to move the storage containers on biological materials with ease, though the use of it causes a slight head ache. Also the ground pounder found a device that helped him access the storage area computer with a little more ease. Hey I am all for discovery but things have there place and their pace. You move to quickly and you either get killed or you miss something important.

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

A minimum of two people is required at all times when examining the storage room. the CUO will be contained in a bio hazard container and stored on the Ship for future discovery. I requested additional personal for further security, and also informed the expedition to not inform anyone else of how to enter the ship. the less people knowing the less people snooping around the less likely chance I will have to Shoo. . . .

‘Battery Low Please Recharge’

‘Shutting down’


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