Sir Kevin Nives

Noble Soldier


Physical Description:
Hair: Black slightly longer then military cut (Spiky)
Height: 6 feet 1 inches Weights: 210 Thin strong build
Skin Tone: What is seen, Tan with a few scar marks on his along his neck
Eye Color: Green

At almost all times, Knives is wearing long sleeved fatigue style shirts and fatigue style pants. Under those he is commonly wearing cotton long sleeve shirts and underwear. From his neck down to his ankles Knives is covered in scars, his face, hands and feet are free from scars. Why he has these scars he never speaks about nor is it in his files.

Phoenix (Gauss Rifle) originally Peter Nives weapon, designed by him and one of the founding weapon designs for Nives Industries. Though the Phoenix was never mass produced, Peter modified the design so his weapon would have a rarity to the mass produced version. There are 7 Phoenix that have never been fired in the private Nives collection. The one Phoenix that is in use was given to Peter’s son Michael who joined the military as a ground unit and through out his career until he retired as General. He then gave it to his brothers son who joined the military and it was passed from one Nives to the next Nives to support them in there time in the services. Knives now holds the Phoenix as no other Nives has enter the military he has not passed it on.

Phoenix Fire Incendiary ammunition, the Phoenix was designed around the use of this ammunition but is not limited to using only it. In fact the destructive damage of the Incendiary ammunition suggests that it should be used every third cartridge and that the weapon should be cleaned daily after usage of the ammunition.

Nives ACR with 40mm Grenade attachment

The LZY Nives Laser Pistol with low frequency beam refraction and reinforced casing. With extended battery for extra shots.


Kevin Nives, or as he is better know as Knives. Third son of a family of six Knives much like his uncle before him became a soldier rather then deal with the life of a spoiled noble. He had a pleasant childhood filled with what ever he wanted, but when he wanted to follow in his uncles foot steps and join the military there was strife created in his family. Though Knives was the 3rd youngest son, he seemed the most capable in the family business, he had a good head on him and a great grasp of the business. Nives Industries the second largest weapons manufacturer on Haven. Since Knives handled all aspects of weapons like a pro his family expected him more then anyone to run the company when his father passed. Instead the day Kevin Nives earned the title Sir Protector of House Nives, he decided he wanted to protect all of Haven instead. So Knives with the help of his uncles contacts became a soldier for the people of Haven. Either do to his contacts, skills, and ability to lead or a little of all three he excelled up the ranks to commander. If not for politics and the loss of his father and eldest brother Knives would of continued in the military. But as the war had ended and a peace fell over Haven, he returned to his family and returned to running Nives Industries. But Sir Commander Knives didn’t drop all together out of the eyes of the military in fact with his knowledge of the inner working and requirement of the Naval Vessels. He was able to give insight to his development department in creating more efficient weapons from a person scale to vessel weapons. And to keep up his training and skillz Knives created and trained a none military force to protect all of Nives Industries and several other Industries.

While out in the field training his men in the use and care of the New Nives ACR (The Nives ACR is capable of semi-auto, burst and full auto fire. It boasts a muzzle velocity beyond an astounding 4,700 feet per second and the flechette maintains an impressive down-range velocity. Its ammunition weighs less than standard ammo.) A VTOL landed at the range and a Captain of Navel Intelligence served him his reinstatement papers after a brief discussion and a few missives to those who work with and for him he was whisked away to parts unknown or parts undisclosed.

Sir Kevin Nives

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