Rick Deckard

male 6'3, 215, green eyes, black hair


Savage world


Rick Deckard is what is known as your basic spook. He is known for being able to gather what would be considered hard to get info and not only obtaining it but getting it while openly proclaiming himself a spook. His entire background is for the most part classified. He is terrible in a fire fight but in hand to hand or melee he is a most formidable opponent. It is believed he is on this mission because he is considered to be a free thinker and that is frowned upon by his superiors. Therefore he is considered expendable. One page from his file was photographed and here is what it looked like…

In his 17th year Rick was sent to classified……classified….. where he studied under the tutelage of classified……..classified…… It was obvious then he would never be much use in a fire fight but once he got up close and personal look out. After classified……classified….. noticed how adept he was at gathering information. With this in mind classified……… classified….. decided to train him. Rick began asking questions about who his parents were and classified……..classified…… officially did not know. It is believed classified….. classified…. might have told him in private. It was soon after this Rick started subtlety seeking all info on anything Imperic…. This was all that could be acquired from his profile.

Rick Deckard

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