• Cpl. Lueck Baines

    Cpl. Lueck Baines

    Large, heavily muscled, with scars on face and arms. Veteran of the Inhuman War.
  • Dr. Desmond Walker

    Dr. Desmond Walker

    Friendly, outgoing young man. Biologist, Xeno Studies.
  • Dr. Jeff Sanderman

    Dr. Jeff Sanderman

    Nervous-looking young man. Computers, AI, Hacking.
  • Dr. Nestor Rodriguez

    Dr. Nestor Rodriguez

    Mid-60s, but fit. Geologist and Astronomer.
  • Dr. Tracy Anderson

    Dr. Tracy Anderson

    Science Team Lead. Physicist, Robotics Engineer. Attractive, athletic-looking brunette.
  • Mrs. Kathy

    Mrs. Kathy

    Probably not her real name. Highly placed government official. Blonde, short, dressed in corp wear.
  • Ombad Bindu

    Ombad Bindu

    Mid-20s, functional autistic. Chemist.
  • Sgt. Jack Hawkings-Smith

    Sgt. Jack Hawkings-Smith

    A big man with a shaved head. Veteran of the Inhuman War.